The State of California Housing and Community Development Department has released preliminary estimates of the 2018 federal Emergency Solutions Grant funding available through its Continuum of Care allocation. The estimated allocation for Kern County is $295,956. However, the amount of funding available may change, since the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has yet to determine actual nationwide funding levels, so the amount the State will actually receive for distribution is unknown.

Even though there are a number of uncertainties regarding the 2018 allocation, the State has encouraged local Administrative Entities such as the County of Kern to proceed with the local application process, since the time frame between the issuance of the State NOFA and the State due date is anticipated to be very short. Accordingly, the County has released its Notice of Funding Availability/Application with a deadline of 12 PM Friday May 25, 2018.

It is also anticipated that later in the year a second NOFA will be released regarding additional ESG funds available from State funding sources, but the dollar amounts and regulations for these funds have not yet been determined.